Test, Training & Evaluation

Amentum provides test, training, and evaluation services for the Department of Defense (DOD).  We service the world’s largest, most diverse, and complex surface, subsurface, and open air test and training range environments as well as provide critical support services for the same. These functions include complete operations and maintenance of facilities, target builds, exploded ordnance work, and operating realistic training systems. Additionally, Amentum provides helicopter flight training for the Army, Air Force and International services and develops course/curriculum, simulated, virtual and constructive training environments across all warfighting domains.

Amentum brings extensive experience and training to deliver effective, individually tailored modules, both in class and in the field.  We have the depth and flexibility to deliver training in a variety of media and format, based on need.  Our expertise encompasses Interactive Courseware (ICW), web/video based delivery, 3-D simulation, classroom and instructor-led training.  Our multi-mode instruction equips trainees to operate and repair complex equipment with no tactical hardware on site. At sea, where classroom instruction is not an option, our SONAR and Office of the Deck courseware enables immersive remote training. Our innovations saved the Navy considerable training dollars, and are now used throughout the submarine community.  One of our most innovative and realistic products is the Special Warfare Physical and Technical Surveillance Training conducted with Special Operations Command, where trainees engage in actual surveillance activity.

Key services:

  • Course Development
  • Cybersecurity Training
  • Flight Training
  • Medical Training
  • Data Links / Telemetry
  • Mixed / Live Virtual Constructive / Augmented Reality
  • Synthetic Training Environment
  • Test & Evaluation for Weapons and Systems
  • Test Facilities & Ranges
  • Training Facilities & Ranges
  • Data Collection and Transmission
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    Course Development
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    Cybersecurity Training
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    Flight Training
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    Medical Training
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    Data Links/Telemetry
  • null
    Mixed/Live Virtual Constructive/Augmented Reality
  • null
    Synthetic Training Environment
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    Test & Evaluation for Weapons & Systems
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    Test Facilities & Ranges
  • null
    Training Facilities & Ranges
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    Data Collection & Transmission