Test, Training & Evaluation

Ensuring the best-trained people and the highest quality equipment are ready to support the mission.

With Amentum, you get the expertise, innovation, resilience, and commitment to excellence your project requires.

Amentum is one of the world’s largest and most capable test, training, and evaluation companies in the world.  We bring extensive experience to deliver effective, individually tailored training that ensures people have the skills to succeed.  Our test and evaluation capability ensures that the right tools and processes are delivered into the hands of the users.  As the world has changed, we have adapted our approach to virtualize our offerings – VR training, synthetic training environments, and digital twin evaluation environments.

When our clients need to deliver the most capable people and tools to the frontline, Amentum’s experience delivers.

Key Technical Services

  • Course Development

  • Cybersecurity Training

  • Data Collection & Transmission

  • Data Links/Telemetry

  • Flight Training

  • Medical Training

  • Mixed / Live Virtual Constructive / Augmented Reality

  • Synthetic Training Environment

  • Test & Evaluation for Weapons & Systems

  • Test Facilities & Ranges

  • Training Facilities & Ranges

  • Test & Assessment

Key Projects

F-15 Eagle takeoff

Range Support Contracts – CTTR, J-Tech II, RSS II

102144.Ft Rucker Initial Entry Rotary Wing Helicopter Training 1 1 scaled 2

Fort Rucker Rotary Wing Flight Training, Support, and Services at U.S. Army Training & Doctrine Command (TRADOC)


Submarine On Board Training (SOBT) & Sailor 2025 Shipboard Training: Addressing Today’s Personnel Challenges at Navy Training Centers

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