Projects of Excellence

Projects of Excellence

Amentum supports our government and commercial clients wherever, whenever, it is needed. Infrastructure should just work – empowering missions to get done without being a distraction. We help ensure facilities are the place where work gets done, lives get lived, and objectives are accomplished – hopefully all without noticing it. We support secure supply chains that take advantage of the most appropriate technology while being driven by people that have actually lived with the outcomes as opposed to just working in them. We maintain and operate equipment that enables mission, doing it in ways that extend the useful lifespans while updating it to face modern challenges. We focus on mission IT – IT that is a supporting character to the mission , not an end and of itself. We provide UAV solutions that most non-OEMs cannot, integrating widely available technology into mission-critical functions.

Supporting key operations in Afghanistan.

Amentum, as part of a long-standing partnership with the United States Army and Coalition forces, provides a full range of support services on the EAGLE Afghanistan Program (formerly the Maintenance and Operational Support Contract – Afghanistan (MOSC-A) program). The program team performs (and historically has performed) a wide range of activities in support of the 401st Army Field Sustainment Brigade and the Army Field Support Battalion (AFSBn-AFG), including:

  • Vehicle, Small Arms, and Communications and Electronics maintenance
  • Health, Safety & Environmental services
  • Add-on armor support
  • Allied trades support including fabrication, welding, plumbing and electrician services
  • Demilitarization of rolling stock/non-rolling stock
  • Transportation
  • Retrograde, supply and logistics services
  • Property Management and accountability
  • Information Technology
  • Access control, badging and security
  • Quality Management & Quality Control
  • Physical security
  • Facilities maintenance, laundry, mail services & billeting management
  • Grounds support and vector control
  • Training, fitness and recreational services
  • Operations and Planning
  • Fleet readiness reporting and management
  • Transportation Motor Pool Operations and fleet management

We’ve successfully managed support operations in Afghanistan since 2005. Over that time, our team has built a close relationship with our partners at DoD. We have provided key support services to 38,000 military personnel across 53 unique base locations throughout fluid mission and operational changes. We facilitate the Army’s troop buildups, theater redistributions and retrograde operations, maintaining a wide range of tactical vehicles, weapons platforms and communications systems.


  • Successfully, and ahead of schedule, completed DoD’s theater priority mission for the Security Force Assistance Brigades (SFAB) by providing rapid reconstitution maintenance support for 127 MaxxPros to be issued 10/20 to rotating SFAB units. Processed for movement 2785 pieces of equipment at a value of $171.5M, providing support to SOCOM, multiple PMs, TPE and all active units within the CJOA-A with a 100% acceptance rate by Joint Inspections, Customs inspections, ULN packet creation exceeding DOD Directive 4500.9, DOD 5030.49-R, and ARCENT Directive 30-3. Supported the rapid deployment and fielding of 128 M1151 HMMWVs through proactivity, analysis and pre-ordering of 253 lines of SSL, totaling 2,462 pieces. This saved countless man-hours waiting on parts being shipped to theater.
  • Managed and maintained nearly $3B in USG property overseeing the lateral transfer, turn in, and issuance of all theater property assets with 100% accountability.
  • Enabling real-time reports and status updates with the Amentum enterprise management system.


Savannah River Remediation (SRR), an Amentum-led team, is responsible for closing the underground high-level radioactive liquid waste storage tanks at the Savannah River Site (SRS) near Aiken, South Carolina, U.S.

The waste is the result of more than 50 years of Cold War production of nuclear weapons materials. That production created tens of millions of gallons of liquid high-level waste (HLW), with more than 34 million gallons of the waste (HLW) stored in waste tanks. There were originally in 51 single- and double-shell tanks, but with 8 waste tanks now operationally closed, the waste remains in 43 tanks.

The cornerstone of SRR’s activities is the operation of the Defense Waste Processing Facility (DWPF), the nation’s only radioactive waste glassification plant. Since DWPF began operation in 1996, more than 4,200 canisters of vitrified waste have been produced, suitable for long-term storage and ultimate disposal. Amentum is the only company in the world currently operating waste vitrification facilities (in the US and UK) and participating in construction of a DWPF sister facility at the Department of Energy’s Hanford Site.

Other major operations include separating the most radioactive waste, destined for vitrification, from very low-level radioactive liquid that constitutes the majority of the waste tank volume. SRR decontaminates that liquid, mixes it with cement, and pumps it into huge concrete disposal units for permanent disposal onsite. More than 28 million gallons of decontaminated salt solution from the tanks have been solidified.

SRR is currently and historically one of the safest high-risk, high-hazard industrial contractors in the world. Amentum’s legacy company at SRS won the first-ever DOE Voluntary Protection Program Star for safety as a major DOE Cold War strategic materials production site and has continued to be recertified for that honor every year since inception.

The ultimate goal is emptying and grouting the old storage tanks and support systems, and SRR, with its heritage companies, is the first company in the world to operationally close HLW tanks.

Significant accomplishments include:

  • SRR recently closed the 8th HLW tank, steadily reducing the most significant environmental risk for the State of South Carolina. SRR also recently installed Melter 3 at DWPF, after extending the life of Melter 2 to 14 years, 5 times the life of the original melter.
  • Conceived and implemented double-stacking of canisters in the first storage building, avoiding the $100M cost for construction of a new storage building.
  • Completed construction of a 32-million-gallon saltstone disposal unit -- the largest of its kind in the world. It represented a savings of nearly $100M in building multiple vaults of the same capacity.

Managing the UK’s entire defense portfolio.

Amentum delivers comprehensive program management across the globe. The UK Ministry of Defence has engaged us to manage their country’s national and international defense estate portfolio. The overall contract is valued at approximately £400 million ($670 million) over 10 years.

As a partner with UK’s Defence Infrastructure Organisation, we’re responsible for strategic disposal of sites, allocation of assets, and construction and maintenance of the estate infrastructure of their defense facilities worldwide, including military bases that accommodate service personnel and their families.

Our skilled team performs key functions, including hard and soft facilities management, workforce planning and transformation, utilities management, project and program delivery, and strategic-asset management. We have been tasked by the UK government to increase efficiency, reduce costs and deliver the best value to UK taxpayers.


  • Managing assets worth more than £21 billion, including over 45,000 buildings, 50,000 houses and 135,000 bed spaces for the UK Armed Forces.
  • Overseeing a portfolio totaling some 230,000 hectares, or one per cent of the UK landmass.
  • Managing 4,900 personnel in DIO across UK military bases in Germany, Cyprus, the Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, and Belize.

Delivering comprehensive support services below the surface.

 Amentum brings a 43-year history of providing program management, acquisition, engineering, technical, financial, configuration management, logistics, strategic planning and international program support to Program Executive Office (PEO) Submarines. We provide key support to the LOS ANGELES, SEAWOLF, OHIO, VIRGINIA, and COLUMBIA classes of submarines.

Today, we deliver key services to 15 Team Submarine Program Offices, including the VIRGINIA Class Submarine and COLUMBIA Class Submarine programs. We work with the Navy to develop, integrate, and deploy 20-30 new technologies across submarine platforms every three years.

We assist in all phases of platform and combat system production — from initial budgeting and testing, to installation, to QA, training and startup services. We install and upgrade Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence systems, and provide Acoustics Rapid COTS Insertion for Sonar, Towed Systems and Combat Control electronic systems and equipment. 


  • Streamlined the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) process to avoid programmatic costs and speed the delivery to the fleet new capabilities.
  • Developed a requirements and acquisition approach for the large vertical sonar array for the VIRGINIA Class and OHIO Class submarines. This accelerated the achievement of Milestone C by 2 years, saving the Government an estimated $3M.
  • Assisted PEO Submarines develop a fielding plan for the high-gain sonar arrays for VIRGINIA and OHIO class submarines, as part of the Acoustic Superiority Campaign Plan. This plan featured a very aggressive timeline that would not have been achievable using normal acquisition procedures.
  • Developed a workload management schedule for effective planning of CDRL submittal reviewer resources.
  • Assembled senior subject matter experts focused on cost reduction to support the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition in supporting an Independent Assessment Team Review of the Ohio Replacement Program (ORP) (now COLUMBIA Class) by performing a financial/technical review of the ORP lifecycle.

Range Support Contracts – CTTR, J-Tech II, RSS II

Amentum is the largest range support services provider in the world. This footprint includes some of the largest and most comprehensive contracts for the US Navy and the US Air Force.

We currently operate the Combined Tactical Training Ranges (CTTR) contract, and provide technical Engineering, Operations, Maintenance and Program management service for 11 US Navy/Marine Corps training ranges. CTTR supports air, land and sea training exercises for small- to large-unit events. Operations include Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) capabilities.

The J-Tech II contract provides engineering and technical services to support research, development, test and evaluation, training missions, and related support activities for the 412th Test Wing Edwards, Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR), Utah Test and Training Range, and China Lake Ranges. We provide expert technical knowledge of flight and ground test and training systems, equipment and facilities to support pre-mission, mission and post-mission requirements in areas including Telemetry Systems, Telecommunication Systems, Signal Collect/Monitoring Analysis, Threat Systems, Computer Systems, Instrumentation Systems, Mission Control/Coordination, Data Analysis/Reports, Time-Space Position Information (TSPI)/Scoring Systems, Test/Training Management, and Sustainment Engineering.

We also deliver Range Support Services via RSS II to the NTTR, Leach Lake Tactical Range, and Creech Air Force Base. We provide critical operational mission support as well as target maintenance for testing, tactics development, advanced training, and remotely piloted aircraft combat operations.

Amentum is teamed and supports the Eglin Operations and Maintenance Services contract providing advanced test support and data collection for open air ranges over the Gulf of Mexico, several ground test facilities, and overland ranges.

Finally, Amentum is teamed and supports the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex which integrates all domains for advanced training opportunities.

Eliminating threats – chemical, biological and nuclear.

Amentum brings decades of experience promoting security by eliminating threats. We supported the Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) program to eliminate weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in the former Soviet Union, and their means of delivery. Since its inception, CTR has extended assistance to governments worldwide in eliminating WMDs.

Through ongoing contracts with the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), we help dismantle weapon delivery systems, eliminate nuclear, chemical and biological weapons infrastructure, and enhance the capabilities of CTR partner nations’ land and maritime border security forces to detect and interdict WMD trafficking.


  • Managed over 100 local subcontractors in 15 different countries on 46 separate DTRA CTR projects since 1994 (combined revenues in excess of $1.6B)
  • Zero injuries on multiple task orders since the beginning of 2015
  • Eliminated or dismantled five types of strategic weapons, including all components of the SS-24 and SS-25 missile systems in Russia and Ukraine, complying with international treaties such as the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty
  • Designed, procured, installed, tested and commissioned a multi-platform/multi-sensor border surveillance system along 190 KM of the Tunisia-Libya border
  • Completely eliminated the declared Albanian Chemical Agent stockpile
  • Refurbished an existing coal-powered electrical plant in a closed city in Siberia to enable shut-down of the last two plutonium breeder reactors in Russia
  • Designed, built and transferred a state-of-the-art bio-containment laboratory in Kazakhstan

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