Amentum has been present within the Japanese Nuclear Industry since 2014 providing
expertise and innovative solutions to some of the world’s most complex nuclear problems.

Our life-cycle, whole programme approach

We are mission-driven and hold a proven track record in the safe and effective management and operation of nuclear sites and nuclear facilities. Our life-cycle approach and unparalleled operational experience give us an informed view from where best to plan and start work.

Our Amentum Team is working with local Japanese supply chain partners to deliver several decommissioning projects in Japan.

Working with TEPCO on various projects, including at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, our team is supporting the development of strategies and risk analyses to help with the planning of timely and safe site decommissioning. Our projects span across both commercial and non-commercial customers.

Projects include:

We are backed by the latest expertise and technology from the United Kingdom and the United States– where we have taken multiple sites to closure.

We have been making change and driving safe nuclear programmes
across Japan’s various nuclear sites and facilities

From the start, and throughout, we’ll work to help you overcome even the most complex nuclear challenges. With efficient ways of working and effective risk management, our track record has provided our existing customers with a reduction in overall programme costs and the acceleration of schedules.

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1. Chugoku Electric
In Shimane

2. Kansai Electric
In Ohi

3. Shikoku Electric
In Ikata

4. Chubu Electric
In Hamaoka

In Fukushima Daiichi

6. Tohoku Electric
In Onagawa

Starting with the bigger picture helps us solve the complex
challenges we know our customers face across the Japanese
nuclear estate. It helps us progress the clean-up mission – and ensures we provide excellent value for money.

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