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Amentum is a proud sponsor of the 2022 National Cleanup Workshop and a preferred partner for complex environmental solutions and DOE’s critical missions. We continue to drive global change through the accelerated use and optimization of clean energy technologies and ensuring that environmental justice is integrated into all of our programs, policies, and activities. Our success is credited to advancing the transition to a clean and secure energy future to our broad network of distinguished experts and the deep knowledge that comes with a century-long legacy of performing excellence.

Environmental InSights Video Series

From PFAS and Emerging Contaminants to Environmental Justice, hear it from the experts.

Driving and Shaping Global Transformation

Jim Blankenhorn

Senior Vice President, Environment and Security

From Cold War to Clean Up Success

Kim Hauer

Vice President, Environment and Clean Energy

Environmental Justice Through Cleanup

Ashley Saunders

Chief Program and Sustainability Officer

“Unprecedented.” “Historic.” “Greatest pro-climate legislation.” These are just a few lines used to describe the Clean Energy package that was part of the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act. As a complement to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) of 2021, I would add “technology game changer” to this list. We are working to optimize new technologies and create new partnerships to meet this challenge. It is not only a huge opportunity for industry, but necessary for our future. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to further diversify and advance the energy transition, as well as our economy!

- Mark Whitney

New water health advisories, federal regulations, and CERCLA designations – all part of the EPA’s whole-of-government approach to tackle and destroy PFAS pollution. Amentum is the preferred partner in the delivery of the powerful, permanent solutions needed to finally dispose of these dangerous chemicals that are contaminating drinking water supplies throughout the globe.

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