Integrated Facility Management Services

Amentum's integrated facility management (IFM) consolidates all facility maintenance under one vendor responsible for all services, streamlining internal and vendor-facing communications under a single point of contact. 

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Amentum Generates Cost Savings


At Amentum, we work to streamline all internal and vendor-facing communications under a single point of contact to accomplish task coordination, saving you time and money.


We leverage leadership and organizational management skills to ensure the success of your business. We build intelligent building automation and control systems to help critical facilities improve comfort, maximize security, minimize energy consumption and operating costs, and enhance equipment lifecycle.


Contact Amentum today to see how our Integrated Facility Management (IFM) and production maintenance solutions can help your company run at maximum efficiency. 


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Benefits of Integrated Facility Management Services

Amentum's facility management services helps our clients achieve incredible results. As a global technical service provider servicing 60+ facilities, we managed to save over $100M thanks to our IFM services and partnerships.

Why is Facility Management important?

    Increase organizational productivity by overseeing a single team
    Consolidate vendors, various site locations, and multiple data-streams into one controlled program
    Lower operating costs related to staffing, materials, vendors, etc.
    Improve abilities to better track assets data, costs, and generate value-driven action
    Drive longer-term business growth via state-of-the-art technology, best practices, and technical specialists

Amentum Saves Caterpillar $100M

Amentum and its legacy companies began an enterprise-wide Integrated Facility Management (IFM) contract 16 years ago with Caterpillar. The results of this partnership have generated over $100M in documented and approved cost savings since the global IFM model was initiated; the initial labor savings and strategic consolidations generated $20 million of savings in the first two years alone.

Amentum Integrated Facility Management

At Amentum, our Integrated Facility Management (IFM) services are designed to help you accomplish one thing: task coordination. Through our strategies, we can expertly consolidate your team's daily tasks, streamlining all internal and vendor-facing communications under a single point of contact. Learn more about our services and how we can help you today!

Specialized Integrated Facility Management Services

Explore more of our integrated facility management services today to find the exact solution for your company today.

Amentum provides full-scale support for all production activities in a variety of industries. Our engineering and technical expertise help our clients realize cost savings through improved reliability and machine uptime as well as increased production throughput and first pass yield percentages, directly impacting bottom-line financial performance.

A key component of modern IFM is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). By combining technology and data analytics, Amentum drives measurable improvements for our client’s productivity and profitability goals across diverse markets. We implement data analytics and engineering assessments to improve reliability and drive condition-based maintenance programs to enhance asset performance and reduce site performance issues.

PowerBI is a real-time analytics and data visualization tool that creates meaningful and easy-to-intercept KPI dashboards to help our clients make superior and informed decisions ranging from workplace experience, asset availability, reliability optimization, and more. PowerBI is also used to gain insights from predictive maintenance and condition monitoring activities to anticipate pending maintenance and improve overall performance.

We achieve efficiency by digitizing maintenance operations through our scalable and customizable EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) software. Our team uses this solution to extend asset lifetime, comply with legal and environmental regulations, reduce inventory overhead, minimize unplanned outages, streamline inventory management, and optimize labor performance.
From the most complex nuclear remediation projects to industrial facility janitorial services, whether it is about construction, demolition, or operation, Amentum will be the strategic partner to keep your facility clean and, most importantly, safe. We also help our clients to save on administrative and waste disposal costs, minimize liability risks and enhance employee well-being.

Amentum uses continuous process improvement to drive efficiencies in service delivery. A laser focus on uptime allows us to increase operation output, as well as quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Increase productivity and employee satisfaction, lower costs, and decrease delivery times with our industrial Process Improvement Service.

With our adopt-enhance-refine methodology, we analyze and modify plans based on technician feedback and the results from data analysis of the corrective maintenance workload, frequency, and duration. Once the unnecessary, redundant, and ineffective PM tasks are removed, Amentum PM Optimization Program achieve the perfect blend between preventative maintenance (PM) and corrective maintenance (CM), enhancing performance and maximizing the value derived from existing assets.

Improved critical asset performance and overall cost savings are the main benefits of our proactive approach and deployment of predictive technologies. Using Ultrasound, Infrared Thermography, and Oil and Vibration Analysis, Amentum compares the trends of measured physical parameters against known engineering limits to detect, analyze, and correct problems before failure occurs during routine monitoring. By helping our clients apply the Predictive approach to maintenance, the equipment performs more reliably, downtime is avoided, and costs are significantly reduced.

Repairing or Repair is defined as the action taken to restore an asset to its optimal working condition. It focuses on minimizing damage and promptly returing to normal operations and activities. While Maintaining or Maintenance ensures that repairs never need to happen. Amentum achieves this through routine observation and preventive/predictive maintenance programs.

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